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What some of our clients have to say about working with RippleDirect.

"RippleDirect yielded us 13 leads and a $500,000 sale in 3 days from our first email marketing campaign."

Chris Mason
IPC First National Real Estate

"With 1 email campaign to my current clients I have achieved 10 sales in 2 days, which has more than paid for the investment in RippleDirect."

Gifts Made Easy

"RippleDirect has been fantastic for us. Efficiency, reliability and flexibility were the key elements we were looking for in a bulk email partner. Rippledirect delivers on all accounts."

Dion Wise

"RippleDirect gives us the flexibility to run campaigns for our clients. We can send large volumes of personalised emails easily at a touch of a button."

Piero Poli
Eclipse Group

"RippleDirect is the tool I use to execute complex email marketing campaigns for clients as diverse as CircusOz and the Carlton Football Club. Highly successful campaigns have included email newsletters, corporate invitations, special offers and news alerts. Ripple Direct is also the tool I use to grow and manage my clients email data bases, and clients love the reporting features of Ripple Direct. This is a great email marketing tool."

Peter Leman
E-Marketing Consultant

"We use RippleDirect to send our fortnightly newsletter, Drugline of which we have received a very positive response. RippleDirect is very easy to use, allowing me to create a professional looking e-newsletter. The added benefits of an online database and the technical support that RippleDirect provides is extremely valuable."

Brooke Budarick
Hospital Pharmacy Services

"Victoria Teachers Credit Union has been working using the RippleDirect email product for approximately 10 months now. They assisted in the set up of our email marketing campaigns. They have helped with email template design, as well as the set up of templates created by third parties, in accordance with our guidelines. Their testing process, too, is very thorough, and the access to reports has allowed us to design and create future campaigns that continue to better meet our market needs. Overall, RippleDirect has been able to provide solutions to our needs in an efficient and professional manner. We look forward to continue to working with them."

Jillian Brown
Victoria Teachers Credit Union

"FLO CarShare used RippleDirect to host and produce market research surveys. It was easy to use and we got great results in real time."

Luke Brown

"We utilise the RippleDirect list management service to track leads from our channel partners. It's an easy service, online 24/7, that we can rely on to manage our data".

Ben Hirons
Merchant Broking Services Australia

"RippleDirect is an easy to use cost effective emarketing solution that offers myself and my clients control and flexibility."

Mark Lee
Gigantic Design